Upcoming Calls

These calls are extremely important. Treat this as a business and it will reward you beyond your wildest dreams!  We know this because it is happening to so many people who are embracing this business and getting on every single call  from the 7:30 EST Mastermind call to the 8:30 EST Global Partners call.

A perfect start to what we know will be a life changing year for those of you who embrace it and take action. Remember, people who are successful here never miss a call!  I love this saying because it is so true, that “Success leaves clues”! We give you all the tools, and the tools are some of the best of the best in the business.


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*Please Note, Monday April 14th All Calls will be Recorded.*

By popular demand, we’ve selected special archive calls for this week.



PHD Xocolate Inc. Monday Night Mastermind Call

 Hosted by Ambassadors, Ian & Judy Murray

This call is a recording and will be audio only

Judy Murray – Three Way Calling




Getting Started Call

8:05 PM EDT – 8:20 PM EDT

This call is a recording

To Join Call- Click Here



The Global Partners Group Monday Night Training Call

This call is a special recording

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