Dear Healthy Chocolate Family,

MXI is please to announce that the much anticipated 12 week life style intervention study is now available from the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine!

We have gained approval for a one-time purchase of the magazine. After this opportunity has passed we will not be able to offer the magazine again, so now is the time to act!  The magazine is available for $4.00 a piece and must be purchased 10 at a time. The shipping for this will be an additional $10.00.

Please fill out the attached form and fax them over to the number on the form. You may also scan the form and email it to Time is very much of the essence! We must have your email or fax no later than Thursday, November 17th by 3:00 Pacific time.

To Download Form click on Order Form – Journal of Bariatric Medicine – Order Form

We encourage you to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and purchase this study that celebrates the success of our High-Antioxidant Protein Meal replacement shake.

In addition, please understand that we do not have the rights to duplicate or copy this study in anyway. That is why we must take advantage of this one time purchase.


MXI Executive Team

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On November 7, 2011 at 6:30pm PST there is a Month in Review, being hosted by Jeanette Brooks, Founder and President, Andrew Brooks, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, and Dan Martin, Vice President, of MXI Corp. They will be recapping the exciting accomplishments in the month of October 2011; as well they will be sharing details on events, products, incentives and more in the months to come.

There are FOUR ways in which you can listen to this exciting Corporate Conference Call:

1.) Connect via the Online WebMeeting (audio and visual) by clicking or copy and pasting the following link

2.) Connect via the USA Toll-Free Line (audio only) by dialing (877) 366-0711 and then enter the Participant Code of 69035258#.

3.) Connect via the Canadian Toll-Free Line (audio only) by dialing (866) 627-1651 and then enter the Participant Code of 69035258#.

4.) Connect via the Toll Line (audio only) by dialing (302) 709-8446 and then enter the Participant Code of 69035258# (International Associates).

Make sure that you and your teams do not miss this important Corporate Conference Call!

MXI Executive Team

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Dr. Gordon Pedersen, MXI’s new Vice President of Education, made a special appearance in Burlington, Ontario in October 2011 to discuss the new Anti-Aging division. Dr. Pedersen Presentation – Click Here to Download

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Congratulations Debbie Arcon & April Kaufmann!

Debbie & April have both won Week 2 of The Global Partners Group CD Fall Promo.

Debbie and April are the top recruiters for Week 3 and will receive 1 hour of private coaching from an Ambassador.

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